Seeing Things As They Are

by Sophie January 15, 2015 Abuse survivor

Nostalgia, sadness, heartache, loss: I have spent the past 2 years prone to these shadow emotions of the heart. It makes sense since I am an abuse survivor, I have spent my adult life moving countries and leaving friends and family behind, and I am now at an age when my kids have started leaving […]

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I Feel Like I Just Gave birth

by Sophie May 19, 2014 Allergies

For two days, my house felt like a very pregnant swollen womb, full of love, life, energy, salty water and hope. Ten women, students and alumni of my six year running Awaken the Healer Within class, gathered here to go over some of our course material, to practice their energy tools, and to give and […]

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Happy Winter Solstice!

by Sophie December 21, 2012 Energy work

All through the fall, we have gone in, slept, rested, meditated, been introspective. We have dreamed of what we want for next year and planted the seeds. (This applies to my Northern Hemisphere readers of course.) The seeds have been moistened. In the comforting darkness of Mother Earth and our unconscious, they are peacefully waiting […]

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A Heightened Sense of Being

by Sophie May 25, 2012 Ascension

Today Friday 25 May is a Divine Feminine power day on several levels. For the past 3 days, people have reported : seeing colors more brightly,as if the light was more intense. I know it’s Spring here but I mean something else. It’s more about how VIBRANT the light is. flowing between world sand dimensions […]

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Healing Angel Day

by Sophie December 1, 2011 Angels

Today turned out to be a soothing healing day. It completed what was set in motion on Monday and Tuesday. This morning I realised that over the past month or so I have received several packages belonging to other people who don’t live here. I then have to contact the company to report their mistake, […]

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The Energy Feels Lighter Now!

by Sophie September 16, 2011 Awakening

Energies  have felt a lot lighter since the last full moon on Sept 12. Many of the Lightworkers I know have broken through the obstacles and negative patterns that came up to be released during the spring and summer. I knew on March 21 that things were going to be tough till “some time in […]

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Shine Bright!

by Sophie April 26, 2011 Angels

One of my guardian angels, Alun Illumine Jones told me this: “Embrace the beautiful soul that you are and go shine your Light – not necessarily because of other people, more because you can and it feels great when you do.” I remember when the Marianne Williamson idea of  “Shine bright so you can allow […]

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How Messed up Am I?

by Sophie November 27, 2010 Depression

How long is a piece of string? Define messed up. Who’s doing the judging? Why does it matter? Who are we comparing you to? And why? The questions that really matter in my opinion are: How often do I feel good? How often do I achieve what I set out to do? How often do […]

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Raw Chocolate Truffles

by Sophie November 8, 2009 Your optimum life

As some of you know I currently eat ‘high raw’ which in my case means 80-90% raw food. It gives me more energy than I have ever had. Usually only my last meal of the day, shared with my kids, is partly cooked food. If you know me you will also know my passion for […]

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Huge Energy Wave Tonight

by Sophie July 12, 2009 Ascension

Something is up people: we are in the process of receiving a huge wave of energy as I am writing this. 1- Huge Sadness For me it started 2 days ago with humongous waves of sadness. I cried uncontrollably. It was like drowning in pain and sadness, an ocean of tears. I have reason to […]

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