Where My Attunements Come From

by Sophie March 21, 2013 Grounding

We know that all of the Universe is God in the process of creating and experiencing itself. That’s why God is everywhere: in each one of us and in all of nature. As above so below. Beyond this general knowing that God is everywhere and that we are all a part of God, I sometimes […]

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Shine Bright!

by Sophie April 26, 2011 Angels

One of my guardian angels, Alun Illumine Jones told me this: “Embrace the beautiful soul that you are and go shine your Light – not necessarily because of other people, more because you can and it feels great when you do.” I remember when the Marianne Williamson idea of  “Shine bright so you can allow […]

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Laughing Buddha

by Sophie March 7, 2011 Divine Love

I don’t do cute very often and this is laughing therapy to me. I am posting it here on my blog to share with you but also to be able to find the link easily coz I’ll be watching this again and again just to make my body shake with laughter and relax with this […]

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Institute of Noetic Sciences & Intuition

by Sophie January 6, 2011 Inspiration

I just found a brilliant little video about intuition on the FaceBook page for one of my favorite organizations: IONS, the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Here it is and I hope you enjoy it: Have You Had A Noetic Experience? If you like them, have a look at their website here: Institute of Noetic Sciences. […]

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Inspiration by Kim Merrill

by Sophie October 18, 2010 General

The wonderful painter Kimberly Merrill posted this as  a comment on one of my recent blog posts on intuition and I want to give her a whole post because her experience was wonderful, inspiring and typical of what happens when the Divine decides to work through you. Enjoy! Hi Sophie, I’d like to share with […]

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Things that keep me going: Inspiration

by Sophie March 24, 2010 Angels

I am often asked how I keep going. The first thing I do is to constantly look for inspiration. 1- My main inspiration comes from the Divine, of course. It comes to me through: angels guidance other healers’ readings, sessions and advice dreams walking meditation sitting meditation trusted friends’ comments Reiki sessions I give myself […]

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Inspired Decision

by Sophie March 22, 2010 General

I have been thinking about inspiration lately. More specifically: how do I make an inspired decision? You know the kind of decision I feel really good about, everything falls into place easily, other people like it, the outcome is good for all concerned. By definition an inspired decision comes from Spirit (Merriam Webster: “inspired: outstanding […]

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