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New Class: Healthy Boundaries for Sensitive Women

by Sophie February 20, 2018 Energy work

When you are sensitive, people and events around you often hurt you. But you can choose to feel better in every moment: protect yourself, change your mood and your reaction to the world around you by learning to control your energy. In the class, Healthy Boundaries for Sensitive Women, we are going to look at […]

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When You Are A Healer, You Need To Heal + Replay

by Sophie January 5, 2015 Abuse survivor

“Why do I have so many people in my life who only want to be around me when they are having a hard time?” Probably because you are a healer and healers are hardwired to run a lot of Divine energy through our energy system. If we keep all that Source energy in, it unbalances […]

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What Does it Feel Like to be Overwhelmed by Intuition and Empathy?

by Sophie September 1, 2012 Attunements

We talked about exactly that in my sample class on Wednesday. Here is what we covered: what it feels like to be a healer and how overwhelming it can be what happens when we discover our healing powers what happens when we ignore our healing abilities I offered an attunement and we did energy work […]

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Complimentary Preview Call for Awaken the Healer Within

by Sophie August 24, 2012 Angels

Dear Sister,  (brothers, support me by forwarding  this to a sister who needs energy healing) Over the past 14 years, I’ve helped dozens of women manifest the life they want and I am excited to help you now too, in a complimentary preview call on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 t 8pm EST. This is the […]

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Four Ways of Being a Clear Energy Channel

by Sophie May 4, 2012 Attunements

I was reminded recently that the energy people send to others may not be clear even when it is intended to be healing energy. That is because the energy, even though it is from Source,  goes through the sender first and if the sender is not a clear channel, then the energy they send will […]

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How Do You Know that You Are a Healer?

by Sophie November 2, 2011 Awakening

How do you know that you are  a healer? I was asked recently. I think when we ARE healers, we spend most of our life knowing that we are different. Then later on we gradually become aware of certain abilities and talents that others don’t seem to have. Like being psychic, knowing stuff about people, […]

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Travelling to the Light

by Sophie September 21, 2010 Angels

A healer can be like a mother, a friend, a therapist, a spiritual guide or a good technician. Hopefully your healer is all of these things at once. Your healer is also your traveling guide. There is A LOT we don’t know about ‘out there’ and about the Divine. But healers know more about it […]

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Mentoring for Healers: Join us!

by Sophie September 19, 2010 Attunements

On Thursday we had the first class of my 10 month Mentoring for Healers program  and we had a phenomenal, fantastic time of deep relaxation, learning and healing. I love doing healing but teaching healing is even more fun! It really is the passion of my life! Ok, it’s the passion of my life after […]

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