Why Intention Matters

by Sophie July 29, 2010 Energy work

Because matter aggregates around intention. The clearer your intention is, the more easily and clearly things happens. I am often asked how I do what I do. How I manipulate energy so easily and so effectively. And the truth is that I just decide! I decide what is going to happen. I decide to see […]

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From Seedling to Tree

by Sophie July 10, 2010 General

The experience I had on Friday last week and described in Unity in Love was so deep that it is still resonating with me. I was wondering why I resisted Oneness with others for so long and it occurred to me that a good healer chooses to hold a very high vibration and invites others […]

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We Used to Be One

by Sophie July 3, 2010 General

I just remembered something I forgot to describe in yesterday’s post “Unity in Love“. It was a knowing that it was pointless to try and keep myself separate from others, even in a crowd that I felt might overwhelm me, because at some point I chose, we all chose, to experience life together. And allĀ  […]

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Unity in Love

by Sophie July 2, 2010 General

I spent yesterday in a very crowded environment and came home exhausted as usual. Because I want this reaction to stop, I went up and asked why this happened. The answer was: “Because you see yourself as separate from all these people. Keeping your barriers up is what exhausts you”. When I asked why I […]

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Summer Solstice 2010

by Sophie June 21, 2010 General

In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the Summer Solstice. A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Are you dreaming? Are you loving the world into life? Let go, flow with what the God Within wants to create celebrate birth love rejoice in live with And let go of the rest. Now.

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Raising my Vibration

by Sophie June 20, 2010 General

I woke up one day last week with a part of my brain very aware that it was quietly watching the thinking part of my brain. Of course I have read about it in Eckhart Tolle and done it many times as a purposeful exercise of self awareness. But this was different: I felt VERY […]

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Fast Track Manifestation

by Sophie June 19, 2010 General

The upside of clearing a lot of clutter and letting go of a lot of old unnecessary ideas of course is that it creates A LOT of space in my mind to look at things AS THEY ARE. it removes a lot of blocks that were stopping the flow of life force into my life […]

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Attuned to Inner Truth

by Sophie June 13, 2010 General

As soon as it became difficult to be complacent, I started noticing that inner truth was being revealed about most people around me. Just around Memorial Day, people who had appeared gruff showed their sweetness and the people who had always been honey sweet also showed their true colors and became more impatient or more […]

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by Sophie June 11, 2010 General

A lot has happened in the past 2 weeks since I last had the time to blog and share! On a personal level, I have been working on migrating my blog here, mainly so everyone can easily leave comments. Comments are a great way for us all to create community and learn together. It happens […]

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Complacency is Not Allowed Anymore

by Sophie June 9, 2010 General

Many had a great flowing day yesterday which is great and I am very grateful for. I felt that a lot was going on with the energy of the world as our vibration was being raised again and today I got it! I know what changed yesterday: complacency is is not allowed anymore Think about […]

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