Is Raw Food Miracle Food?

by Sophie March 10, 2016 Allergies

Is raw food, miracle food? Why do so many people say they healed from chronic illness on a raw food diet? My experience is that a raw food diet works because it removes what’s bad for us and adds more of what’s good for us: it gives us a break and a detox from all […]

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Awaken the Healer Within Now Available for Men

by Sophie October 18, 2014 Ascension

The big news in my world this month is that my class Awaken the Healer Within is now available for men and we start class on Wednesday. There are still a few spaces and time to register. Men, have a look at this page for details: http://www.attunementsforthesoul.com/mentoring-for-healers-class/awaken-the-healer-within-for-men. Women, I need your help: can you please tell […]

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Love is an Action Verb

by Sophie October 9, 2014 Abuse survivor

Love is an action verb. Not my most original thought, I know. Except that now, maybe as a result of this recent Kali energy phase, or the  hours of energy work in the past few weeks,  it’s not just a thought any more. It’s a feeling, a gut reaction and a deep understanding. Don’t tell […]

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When You Go

by Sophie May 14, 2014 Ascension

When you go, how many roses will you have grown? How much kindness will you have shared? How many people will be better off for having known you? When you go, how much life will you have created? How many souls will you have helped blossom? Teacher whose heart grew mine, whose respectful hand took […]

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Does It Make Sense To Be At One With The Divine?

by Sophie October 1, 2012 Blessing

Yesterday a friend and I were discussing what it feels like to be at one with the divine. He  wrote: “You are speaking about what you’ve experienced. I’m speaking in a theoretical sense, but naturally I feel pretty strongly about what makes sense to me.” What I told him is that I am happy to […]

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Enlightenment is Becoming a Necessity

by Sophie September 11, 2012 Ascension

Enlightenment used to belong to the privileged few.  The chosen ones, the monks supported by a whole monastic structure so they could dedicate every second of every day to disciplining their mind and harnessing  the ego. The odd nun might even reach enlightenment in spite of her lowly female status. I think enlightenment is not […]

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Aware of the Infinite

by Sophie September 6, 2012 Ascension

Aware of the infinite, I am suspended in between worlds. I am so used to action and motion in the name of the highest good. I am so used to fighting what is perceived as evil, so that we may integrate our shadows and reclaim our power. I am so used to holding their heart, […]

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Hiding Behind Our Mind

by Sophie August 15, 2012 Awakening

Awaken the Healer Within, Generation 4,  is coming to an end this month and I am thinking about next year’s class. I am adding material, deepening some topics. Some of my students have asked for more hand outs, reading, notes etc. Written material. So I looked in my heart, connected with the Divine, aligned with […]

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Craving and Resisting Enlightenment

by Sophie July 2, 2012 Ascension

The funny thing about enlightenment is that we crave it and resist it at the same time. We crave it because we are hardwired, I believe, to know the Love who created us. We long for complete acceptance, warmth and absolute compassion, all of which come from Source. We want to merge with it, be […]

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Infinite Ocean of Love

by Sophie December 18, 2011 Divine Love

Just in case I did not quite get the message last Thursday when my heart was melting with joy into the Heart of God in the presence of Anam Thubten and his Buddhist teachings, tonight I find the same message expressed in Sufi terms but with exactly the same words by a Sufi spiritual teacher […]

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