Energy waves

Don’t Sacrifice For Me

by Sophie April 26, 2010 General

Please do not sacrifice for me. Love me joyfully, love me in plenty, love me AFTER you love YOU. Create for me and with me. But please, please, please, please, please: do not sacrifice for me. Do not, ever, create lack in your own life in order to provide for me. DO NOT CREATE PAIN […]

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What is Your Baseline?

by Sophie April 23, 2010 General

I talked yesterday about our ups and downs and it occurred to me recently during a session with a client that it is important to be aware of our current baseline in order to understand our ups and downs. Our baseline varies with circumstances, health and age. After we studied for finals, had a baby or […]

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Feeling Someone Else’s Energy

by Sophie April 23, 2010 General

Tonight I was telling a lovely friend how I realized what my gift is: I attune people to a higher vibration, just by being with them. Her response was : “YOU DO! Tune people to a new higher frequency. I felt it. You are so multi-dimensional.” She reminded me how last August she offered to show me her […]

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The Ups and Downs

by Sophie April 22, 2010 General

Everyone has their ups and downs. That is because we are pure energy and energy works/travels in waves. Up and down like a wave. When we are ‘down’ we haven’t done anything ‘wrong’. We are at the bottom of the wave. Things will pick up, guaranteed, particularly if you acknowledge the wave and just let […]

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