Divine Feminine

8/8 Connect with the Goddess

by Sophie August 8, 2014 Blessing

8/8 in my world is one of the most powerful days of the year to connect with the Divine Feminine. How? Drop and Roll. Drop all expectations, goals, constructs, fears. Drop into the moment. Be completely present in the here and now. Just be. Now. Each instant is a portal to the infinite. By dropping […]

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Teleclass with Attunement on Saturday: Healing the Wounds of Violation and Rape

by Sophie March 7, 2013 Abuse

This will be a gentle and life changing event. Only 2 hours of your time and potentially a life time of peace. So join me for this teleclass on Saturday March 9 from 3pm EST till 5pm EST, by phone. All you need is a telephone or a computer and a quiet space to receive […]

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The Goddess is on the Move

by Sophie March 5, 2013 Ascension

That is the phrase I woke up to last week: “The Goddess is on the move”, with the image of a friend I was meant to relay the message to. Of course if the Goddess is on the move, it is affecting all of us, not just my friend. I know this to be true […]

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Healing the Wounds of Violation and Rape: New Teleclass with Attunement

by Sophie February 22, 2013 Abuse

Last week I went into a deep trance that took me into the Heart of the Goddess, where I was given a new attunement to pass on to my clients and students. The theme of this new attunement is to “Heal the Wounds of Violation and Rape“. The women I have already attuned to it […]

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Equinox Week End

by Sophie September 23, 2012 Divine Feminine

This Equinox week end is full of transformational opportunities. Read: it’s been challenging for many! Friday was International Peace Day I believe. With all the hope and stirring that brings in all of us who are committed to a more peaceful world. Of course Peace starts at home. So re-committing to peace is bound to […]

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Very Lonely Without the Divine

by Sophie January 19, 2012 Ascension

Yesterday I was doing energy work on myself to integrate old masculine wisdom I gathered over lifetimes as a monk, recluse etc, mostly, but not only, through Tibetan lives and female understanding of a modern and healthy life. It was big work and required that I concentrate on the human learning and experiences to merge […]

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Divine Feminine Power Days This Week

by Sophie November 29, 2011 Abuse

JustĀ  a quick note to share with you that I noticed yesterday Monday and today Tuesday being huge power days for spiritual awakening, more specifically for the emotional clearing that needs to happen first before we can grow spiritually. The Divine Feminine is definitely pushing us to shed what we don’t need and to grow […]

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Find the Goddess in You

by Sophie January 23, 2011 Energy work

Find the Goddess in you and ask Her to create you. Ask Her to create with you. Find the God in you and ask Him to protect you. Ask Him to protect for you and with you. Balance and marry the Goddess and the God in you to raise your vibration and create, create, create. […]

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Flow Into Oneness

by Sophie August 7, 2009 Divine Feminine

Today drink from the flow of life. Open up to the Heavens and receive blessings. There is nothing much to do: just surrender, open up and enjoy. Your vibration is being raised fast. Clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts are acute. The seventh chakra is vibrant and the eighth chakra (interpersonal) is actively searching for positive connections. […]

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