Why We Are Affected by Robin Williams’ Death

by Sophie August 12, 2014 Depression

I am surprised that anyone is surprised about Robin Williams’ alleged suicide. He always seemed to me as if he was desperate to make us laugh because his humor was coming from a place of intense sadness. His eyes alternated between tender, amused compassion, great sadness and a deep acceptance of how people are and […]

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Are you Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

by Sophie December 31, 2013 Angels

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you are in a GREAT place to DECIDE TO CHANGE! And some major overhaul in your thinking, as well as the consistent removal of blocks and negative patterns over time, can really change that, in my experience. New year, new intentions: you can learn […]

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Why Human Angels Have Painful Childhoods

by Sophie November 4, 2013 Abuse

Human angels are easily repressed in childhood because they are born eager to please. The mission of their soul is to help. Their nature is designed to make them helpers. Helping and supporting is the facet of the Divine that they embody and enact. So when disciplined like other children, they are often emotionally crushed, […]

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Playing in the Same Sandbox

by Sophie July 15, 2013 Abuse

I am getting mighty tired of the “You attracted it, you manifested it in your life, you are 100% responsible for everything in your life because you manifested every aspect of it” chant. Just a minute. Let’s break it down and look beyond the obvious. 1- I know LOA exists whether we see it or […]

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The Many Ways to Heal from Abuse

by Sophie February 24, 2012 Abuse

The main thing about abuse is that we repress as much of it as possible because it hurts and often humiliates us so who in their right mind wants to remember that, right? The abuse we do remember is horrific, painful, tragic, unfair. It makes us angry, sad, weak, determined, resilient, funny, bitter, loving, defiant. […]

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More Ascension Symptoms

by Sophie May 3, 2011 Ascension

How far is Heaven? How long till we get there? How much are we supposed to ascend in this current transformation of humanity? I am not sure but I know it’s happening right now! The changes in my body, soul and emotions are deep and to say that I have been under the weather for […]

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How I Became an Energy Healer

by Sophie January 2, 2011 Allergies

I am an internationally known Energy Healer and Master Teacher. My gift has been creating miracles in hundreds of clients and students’ lives since 1998. It only takes me a few minutes: to connect you to the Heart of God to remove negative beliefs, patterns and fears that hurt you to download into your energy […]

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Why All the Drama?

by Sophie December 15, 2010 Depression

I think Western culture is addicted to drama. It makes us feel alive. It makes us FEEL. We are told NOT to feel for most of our childhood. Do you remember all the: “That doesn’t hurt!” even though the toddler is crying with pain. “You should be happy about this”  to a sulking, sad child. […]

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How Messed up Am I?

by Sophie November 27, 2010 Depression

How long is a piece of string? Define messed up. Who’s doing the judging? Why does it matter? Who are we comparing you to? And why? The questions that really matter in my opinion are: How often do I feel good? How often do I achieve what I set out to do? How often do […]

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A Nice Hot Cup of Tea

by Sophie October 30, 2010 Depression

I was talking about grief in yesterday’s blog post and it reminded me of a true story: When I was first living in Oxford, England, in the mid 80s, I overheard a conversation on a bus. The older lady had just lost a dear friend and was clearly very sad about it. The younger lady, […]

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