Are you Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

by Sophie December 31, 2013 Angels

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you are in a GREAT place to DECIDE TO CHANGE! And some major overhaul in your thinking, as well as the consistent removal of blocks and negative patterns over time, can really change that, in my experience. New year, new intentions: you can learn […]

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About Naive People

by Sophie July 30, 2013 Abuse

We are never done protecting the children, the weak, the incarnated angels. Those who appear to be naive, to give too much, to trust too easily. I have a special fondness for them because they have direct access to the heart of God. They remind me of who I am at my core, they are […]

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January Was Intense!

by Sophie February 2, 2013 Awakening

January was intense and eventful to say the least, both professionally and privately. So much so that I did not make the time to blog once. I am observing many going through sudden loss. Because of the trauma, some see a whole new level of knowing and understanding below the surface. It seems to me […]

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Spiritual Masters, Healing and Enlightenment

by Sophie September 15, 2011 Ascension

“The same Consciousness that created and that flows through those people you’d describe as “spiritual masters” or “spiritual gurus” created and flows through you. In so many ways, you are NO different at all. The only difference really is that you just haven’t recognised and embraced your magnificence. You are no less worthy than anyone […]

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You Can Make Anything Happen

by Sophie May 21, 2010 General

You need to do this really fast No second guessing. Here is a magic spiritual wand You have one wish. You can make anything happen RIGHT NOW. What is it? Let me know in a comment below

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Mind Chatter

by Sophie May 20, 2010 General

Another change brought by the recent energy upgrade is that I am now keenly aware of my mind chatter. I have been training myself for years so I am really good at consciously thinking positive. And after 20 years of Buddhist meditation training, I thought I could control my mind and at least be aware […]

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Staying Balanced During the Shift

by Sophie May 18, 2010 General

Many of us are feeling like the sheer SPEED and DEPTH of the shift is leaving us: still feeling disoriented like we need to re-evaluate how we respond to life (yes, again) like we are getting used to doing things differently that as our vibration rises, we are not compatible with some of the people […]

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Another Little Story About Enlightenment

by Sophie May 17, 2010 General

Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.

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Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

by Sophie May 14, 2010 General

We have all heard the phrase: “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” I have known this to be true for years and until today I thought ‘incarnating’ (of the Latin ‘carne’ meaning flesh: coming in the flesh) meant that my spirit had come into a body, was choosing to use a human body […]

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by Sophie April 28, 2010 General

There are people in this beautiful world of ours who only feel satisfied when they can control everyone around them. Even is that means destroying someone else’s happiness or joy in order to gain control over them while they are sad, depressed, ill, miserable or feeling victimized. Because when the ‘victim’ are undermined and cannot […]

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