Awaken the Healer Within Now Available for Men

by Sophie October 18, 2014 Ascension

The big news in my world this month is that my class Awaken the Healer Within is now available for men and we start class on Wednesday. There are still a few spaces and time to register. Men, have a look at this page for details: Women, I need your help: can you please tell […]

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The Goddess is on the Move

by Sophie March 5, 2013 Ascension

That is the phrase I woke up to last week: “The Goddess is on the move”, with the image of a friend I was meant to relay the message to. Of course if the Goddess is on the move, it is affecting all of us, not just my friend. I know this to be true […]

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Worried About Dec 21, 2012?

by Sophie December 9, 2012 Ascension

I am often asked what I think is going to happen on Dec 21 this year. I personally feel that nothing will happen then apart from being another Winter Solstice when I can meditate and plant the seeds for what I desire  and want to manifest in the year to come. The best thing I […]

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Enlightenment is Becoming a Necessity

by Sophie September 11, 2012 Ascension

Enlightenment used to belong to the privileged few.  The chosen ones, the monks supported by a whole monastic structure so they could dedicate every second of every day to disciplining their mind and harnessing  the ego. The odd nun might even reach enlightenment in spite of her lowly female status. I think enlightenment is not […]

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Challenging Week

by Sophie August 2, 2011 Ascension

Since last Wednesday, I have been challenged beyond word. I fell like whatever I am not good at is being put under the microscope and amplified on a large screen, very loud High Definition TV, right in my living room, right in my face! Patience being one of the areas where I am being tested. […]

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Clear Guidance

by Sophie June 18, 2011 Ascension

After a couple of  months of deep transformation, it has happened that my guidance has become much clearer. Several times I came to the point of putting my hands up in the air and saying to the Divine: “Ok, make me whatever I need to become to reach the next step of my evolution” I […]

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Why Has Sophie Been So Quiet?

by Sophie June 8, 2011 Angels

Why have I been so quiet? I last posted here on May 10, nearly a month ago! So what’s been going on?! There was a lot going on energetically (universal awakening and ascension energies), emotionally (healing old wounds as well as family stuff, kids growing up and changing, kind of stuff) and spiritually (my own […]

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More Ascension Symptoms

by Sophie May 3, 2011 Ascension

How far is Heaven? How long till we get there? How much are we supposed to ascend in this current transformation of humanity? I am not sure but I know it’s happening right now! The changes in my body, soul and emotions are deep and to say that I have been under the weather for […]

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Ascension Intention

by Sophie November 23, 2010 Awakening

I believe that the whole planet is awakening. Or is it the universe? All of creation? And how YOU are going to feel about it, how you personally live through it depends on your intention I think. If you intend to awaken, focus on it, think about it and learn the techniques that will allow […]

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Why Do Ascension Symptoms Come Back?

by Sophie November 21, 2010 Awakening

Since you are dedicated to your spiritual growth and you dealt with the same ascension symptoms a few months or years ago, sometimes more than once already, why do they come back? Because we learn in a spiral. We think from learning facts at school that learning is linear but learning most often happens in […]

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