Why Human Angels Have Painful Childhoods

by Sophie November 4, 2013 Abuse

Human angels are easily repressed in childhood because they are born eager to please. The mission of their soul is to help. Their nature is designed to make them helpers. Helping and supporting is the facet of the Divine that they embody and enact. So when disciplined like other children, they are often emotionally crushed, […]

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Energy Protection Class

by Sophie August 8, 2013 Attunements

Do you know how to protect yourself energetically in these fast changing times? Are you an empath who gets dragged down by other people’s energies? Next week, I am teaching a tele-class to show you (or remind you) how to protect yourself energetically! The class is taught in person by me (it’s not pre-recorded) which […]

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Grateful for the Archangels’ Protection

by Sophie December 13, 2012 Angels

About 6 months ago, I started being presented with deep, intense healing work that my normal healing tools were not always strong enough to shift. When I asked for help, 4 archangels appeared. I was told they were Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Always around me, one in each direction. I did not know why […]

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Longing for the Light

by Sophie April 27, 2012 Ascension

After I met my soul pod, I knew that my spiritual body was at least as real as my physical body and that being consciously in touch with my spiritual body had the power to heal my physical and emotional bodies. Next I remembered and relived leaving my body as an infant, floating all the […]

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My Soul Pod

by Sophie April 26, 2012 Angels

All my life I had a longing that could not be explained in human terms. It was different from loneliness, different from lack, different from sadness. It was a longing that would sometimes turn into complete, inexplicable despair. In my 30s I had a dream that I was floating in outer space, holding hands in […]

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The Many Ways to Heal from Abuse

by Sophie February 24, 2012 Abuse

The main thing about abuse is that we repress as much of it as possible because it hurts and often humiliates us so who in their right mind wants to remember that, right? The abuse we do remember is horrific, painful, tragic, unfair. It makes us angry, sad, weak, determined, resilient, funny, bitter, loving, defiant. […]

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Divine Feminine Power Days This Week

by Sophie November 29, 2011 Abuse

Just  a quick note to share with you that I noticed yesterday Monday and today Tuesday being huge power days for spiritual awakening, more specifically for the emotional clearing that needs to happen first before we can grow spiritually. The Divine Feminine is definitely pushing us to shed what we don’t need and to grow […]

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When Energy Healing is Mainstream…

by Sophie November 22, 2011 Angels

30 years ago I discovered psychotherapy and I realized I had a shot at creating a life I really wanted. Soon after I became aware of angels and started communicating with them. 20 years ago very few knew about probiotics when I was first prescribed Acidophilus by my acupuncturist and started clawing my way back to […]

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by Sophie November 9, 2011 Angels

I was expecting the days leading to Friday 11/11/11 to be easy flowing and exuberantly joyful because this year is supposed to be so special and so many spiritual teachers are offering retreats and magnificent events. But as usual with the 11.11 portal, it is creeping up on me really quietly and in a very […]

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Not a Vibrational Match Anymore

by Sophie October 13, 2011 Divine Love

When I have asked recently why I had to let go of so many relationships and support groups, the anwer was the same every time: “Because you are not a vibrational match anymore”. There was no sense of right or wrong, no blame for me or the other party, no room for shame. No sense […]

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