Surviving Bad World News as an Empath

by Sophie on June 14, 2016

Red RoseEmpaths are affected even more strongly and more negatively than everyone else by public tragedies. I am an abuse survivor, so I don’t take pain lightly and this article is meant with the utmost respect for every human being. This is what I have found helpful:

1- Feel the shock, sadness, grief. Those are real when you live in a human body. Stay hydrated, sleep more, eat good food to stay balanced, and cry. Your body knows what it needs to overcome shock and it’s slightly different for everyone. Feel the truth of your emotions so they are dealt with now, when you know what they are linked to, so they don’t need to resurface later. (Homeopathic remedies help me a lot with that.)

2- Read #1 again and make sure you look after yourself emotionally. Call friends, lean on your support system.

3- Remember that this physical life is only one life among many. When we know better, we can do better. If you don’t like what you are experiencing right now, make sure to adjust your expectations and settings for your next life on earth. Or decide not to come back. You have free will and being karma free is possible.

4- I have memories of other planets and environments that were destroyed through complacency but this planet Earth is carefully designed not to allow complacency ever. Pain, tragedy and shock are some of the ways that we stay aware and keenly desiring the next stage of our life. I think it’s sad, but the truth is that we will probably never have complete peace on earth or complete stability or complete happiness. Striving for the middle road is the best we can do.

5- Own your personal shadow. When your personal shadow is secret, it can be leveraged to unbalance you into shame, anger, hatred etc. Even the most loving and gentle among us are capable of very negative emotions. The more we are aware of them and think of our shadow as ‘us’, the less likely we are to project it onto ‘them’. And the more we display a behavior of inclusive acceptance for OURSELVES, the more we show others that they can do the same thing.

6-Ho’ohoponopono: if you are Muslim, Sikh, Jewish, LGBT, female, emotionless male, any shade darker than pale pink, from any self defined vulnerable group or minority that I am not yet aware of, I’m sorry; Please Forgive Me; Thank You; and I Love You. If you are from a dominant bullying group, extremist, raging, life destroying from your repressed personal pain or mindless entitlement, I’m sorry; Please Forgive Me; Thank You; and I Love You. Really, I do, because each one of us is a facet of Divine creation using our free will in different ways.

7-Remember that, while we are all one and what happens to one happens to all, if you live in the Western world, your home is probably safe today and your every day reality probably has not changed that much, unless you were personally touched by the tragedy at hand. So breathe and take that in: you are still personally safe at this moment. Also, there is no need to feel guilty for being safe when others are suffering. We want to bring others to safety instead of  spreading suffering any further than it already has. Use your heart and compassion but do not allow TV and social media to bring horror into your home.

8- Hold on to the small things that keep you sane and strong: a smile, a beautiful flower, home made food, the sun rising or setting, a familiar sight, the voice of a loved one, a good song, playing your musical instrument. Literally count your blessings today and hold onto gratitude. Own your power for good. Choose to feed your life force and your peace of mind. Feed Love inside of you.

I would love to hear your comments and what works for you when confronted with tragedy.

With much Love and Light.

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1 Donna Sherman June 14, 2016 at 10:05 am

Beautiful. Thank you Sophie 💜


2 Joy June 14, 2016 at 10:19 am

For myself, a lot of things have been triggered around the epic question of “why did this happen?” And a lot of very old abuse memories have surfaced in which I have found myself asking “why was I the target?” “Why me, I didn’t do anything to deserve that”…at first I didn’t see the link between the Orlando tragedy and these emotions surfacing. Your article helped me to see it, and now it makes sense that these things would be coming up for process and release. I can see the emotional energetic connection. Time to gently clean house of these old energies. My prayers go out for the victims of this event, and also to the victim within us all. May we take advantage of these sorts of opportunities to clear more darkness and shine more light.


3 John May 18, 2017 at 7:02 am

Because we are different, it is a beautiful thing. our hearts hurt out of love for others, welcome it, cherish it, it is who we are. We would not be abused, or feel intensely if we were not love.


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