Surrender, Trust, Ask for Advice

by Sophie on December 9, 2010

I think most decisions are too big for one person. I think most of the time we need more support than we acknowledge. Support from good procedure or practice guidelines, from a trusted friend, from a specialist, from angels, from the Divine.

There is so much information out there. Whether you Google it, channel it, pray for it, wing it (ask an angel) or consult with an expert, decide on a clear intention for the quality of your outcome then invite help and support.

I know we live in a culture where the wounded leads the wounded so that nobody trusts anyone much, most of the time. But that is such a waste of resources. And such an arrogant ego stance!

Surrender, trust, know that you are loved, ask for advice here and there on small matters and see how it feels!

I love you.

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