Stephanie and 11

by Sophie on August 17, 2012

Nearly five years ago in November (the 11th month, with 11 being the gateway number), an intuitive  friend named Stephanie told me “Be ready on a Friday at 3pm. I am picking you up and we are attending the Belly and Womb Conference”  She carried me to where I needed to be.

At that conference it was made clear to me in many ways that I HAD to take my one on one healing practice to the next level and start teaching what I knew about Quantum Healing. I was ready to pass on the Pink and Blue Strands I had been spontaneously attuned to in England exactly 2 years before in November, (the 11th month, with 11 being the gateway).

So I started teaching my Quantum Healing classes (Awaken the Healer, generation 1). As soon as I started teaching, I felt physically healthier and I was also more joyful. Because resisting our path is exhausting but following our path supports our blossoming.

Last year I encountered another woman called Stephanie who taught me (and others) about compassion and compassion fatigue. She took me to the boundaries of my physical strength, my mental resilience and my self esteem.  She showed me that I am happier when I do my healing work and that I needed to take my practice to the next level.

Today in a client’s session, a third Stephanie came through in spirit. She showed me her overwhelm and her compassion fatigue. I know that if I had met her earlier, what I teach could have helped her become the healer that she really was.

I looked up Stephanie and it means “The Crowned One”. Sounds regal and important. Stephanies came to me 3 times to urge me to spread my teaching, to share what I know with more women who need to learn the skills to become joyful creative healers instead of living in overwhelm and compassion fatigue. I think I got the message this time! 🙂

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