Staying Grounded In The Midst Of Chaos

by Sophie on November 7, 2012

Its been an intense month of fast transformation.

As an empath, I tend to feel very strongly what happens to others so in times of turmoil such as was created by Hurricane Sandy, I make sure I stay very grounded and centered so I can be a channel of Light from Source.  When I am balanced and feeling peaceful in spite of what is happening close to me, I can send Light from Source, peace and compassion to others who need it. It’s no good falling into fear or feeling the chaos and destruction as if I was affected by it when I am not affected by it in my everyday reality.

More recently, the US Presidential elections also felt quite chaotic and fearful. They were a great opportunity to experience duality and polarity, which are definitely part of the human experience while in a physical body on earth. And we got a good work out from the past few months. Again, remaining grounded and centered allows us to keep to being a channel for Light from Source instead of letting the experience take us to extreme places.

I talked about all this and much more in an interview with my friend Karen Hager today. You can hear the replay of the interview here:


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1 SHERRI PATTERSON November 7, 2012 at 10:03 pm

Not sure the link for the interview is working… or is it just me? <3


2 Sophie November 8, 2012 at 1:03 am

It works for me from the blog Sherri. Then on the show page there are a “play” and a “download” buttons at the bottom of the page.


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