Spring is an Opportunity to Trust and Surrender

by Sophie on April 7, 2012

This Easter and Passover time of year seems to bring issues of power, control and surrender to the next level.

I think it is because in the Northern hemisphere where the rituals originated, what we are really celebrating is Spring and the renewal of  life. We are thinking about fertility and abundant crops that will sustain us for the next year. In come pagan symbols of eggs, chicks and rabbits of course.

How do we create abundance?

  1. By setting a clear, heartfelt intention that engages as many of your human senses as possible
  2. By letting go.  Surrendering.  Allowing.
  3. By acting on our intuition when we take action. Action is last, aligned with experience and inner knowledge.

Are you ready for that roller coaster ride that is surrendering?

Letting go does not mean letting go of all of your life or all the people in it. Letting go just means letting go of CONTROL. Accepting change.

Surrendering means surrendering to the Divine. Surrendering happens when we create INTIMACY with the Divine. Intimacy = closeness + trust.

How do you get close to the Divine? There are many ways: being in nature, going into the vortex, praying, whirling, meditating, grounding and connecting. Whichever way you choose, the key to success seems to be REPETITION. What makes you feel close to your friends? Close to your lover? Frequent interaction. Being with them often. It’s the same with the Divine. Be there a lot, just go stand in the Light (my free grounding meditation, available in the sidebar, gets most people there). Pray often. Do what it is that makes you feel close to your Loving Source OFTEN.

How do you learn to trust the Divine? By accepting to take a risk. I know you’ve been hurt, I know you may not trust people easily and you may even be angry at God for letting you down in the past. But take a chance. Try it and watch what happens. Decide if it’s worth it. Only you can decide to do that. But honestly, has it worked NOT to trust? Has it given you the peace of mind and abundance that you want?

The other key point of any good relationship is communication. So listen to what Source has to say to you. Watch for signs from God/Goddess. Pay attention to your angels and what they are whispering to you. And IT’S A TWO WAY STREET: send information back up. Let the Divine know what you need, what works for you and what doesn’t. sk for clearer signs and directions. And say thank you when it works.

When you have been heard and when you receive an answer, be grateful. We all enjoy being appreciated and it increases closeness, trust, intimacy to feel wanted and loved. Same with the Divine.

After we let go of control, after we learn to trust enough to surrender, we can allow. For many of us allowing is the most scary part because when we allow we receive. I have been consciously working on this Easter theme of surrender for 9 years and this is the first year I have been able to gracefully and gratefully receive (see the story of my birthday here). So I know it’s not easy! And yet what other choice do we have? Surrendering and allowing is our salvation, whether we need to be saved physically or spiritually. Surrendering and allowing are the gateway to the eternal life we all crave. Not eternal life when we die physically but right now, in our hearts, in the present moment.

Surrender for me means that you invite the Divine to transform you on the inside, so that the quality of your life and your experience of life change, even though sometimes nothing may look any different on the outside. Surrender is about trusting Source and changing the quality of your relationships: to the Divine, to yourself and to other people.

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