Spring Cleanse

by Sophie on March 6, 2012

My guidance told me very clearly to start cleansing right after Christmas. I did not because it usually involves a lot of juicing and raw foods , which naturally cool my body and I did not want to feel cold in winter. Of course we ended up having such a mild winter that I could have trusted my guidance. It never lets me down, don’t I know that by now? I am now in the middle of the 5th week of cleansing and detoxing again and since it’s nearly spring and many of you are thinking about a detox as well, I want to share what I have learned over the past 4 years.

The more raw leafy greens, a variety of them, I eat, with raw fermented foods (old fashion pickles, kefir, old fashion saurkraut, kombucha tea) to help me digest the greens, the better. The fermeted foods are important as they provide probiotics. When I  have had a lot or raw foods for several weeks, I usually go on a juice feast as well  (google it, lots of info on it) for 3 to 10 days I do a juice feast every spring, and just did one last week end for 4 days. That’s when I had a major spiritual breakthrough.

Lemon juice helps me a lot but can provoke a fast detox which can be harsh so I really need to make sure that my colon has been detoxed first so the liver toxins have somewhere to go and don’t just float around my body. Which brings me back to eating A LOT of raw leafy greens first, BEFORE I start a liver detox. Raw leafy greens: I eat them in salads, add them to fruit smoothies and have all green smoothies. Sweeter vegetables like cucumber, fennel and more salty like celery make the dark leafy green concoctions more palatable. I also add some ‘super greens” powder to a lot of what I drink during a detox. This year I added coconut water to some of my smoothies and found it very tasty and nourishing.

I have fund juice feasting to be a great way to break through food addictions and negative thought patterns. Not sure why, but it has worked for me.

Chlorella is a very powerful for liver detox as well nutritious. Again, I need to ease into it and allow my body to get used to it. I start with a sprinkle or a few tablets a day and build it up from there, following my muscle testing or inner guidance or the advice of a nutritionist. Goji berries really help me, as do chia seeds. Again, if you’re not used to eating them, start slow. You can research all those, there is plenty of information all over the internet.

Everyone is different but I personally need to make sure that I carry on eating enough protein, sometimes even animal protein as I become B12 deficient very easily and as I always need extra protein in my body when I do a lot of deep energy work. I know it slows down my detox but I need to keep a balance. Some of you will be horrified that I eat animal proteins and others will be horrified that I juice feast or eat chlorella tablets as a treat. We all need to find our balance with our own diet!

So: varied leafy greens + loads of veggies with fermented foods for the probiotics. THEN juice feast. THEN chlorella, still with loads of veggies, lemon juice and fermented foods for the rest of my life!  And when I crave fat: only olive oil or coconut oil, which are deemed to be the purest oils. Research coconut oil, it’s a pretty magical substance! That’s what I have been doing for 4 years and I have recovered very nicely from a host of symptoms and have lots more energy. It’s my friendly, totally non-professional and non-medical advice. I have however found Dr Mercola’s site to be very informative. You can Google him as well!

Apart from the fact that I lose weight, sleep better, have more energy, clearer skin, darker hair and feel generally happier after a detox, there are some real spiritual benefits to eating like this for a few weeks every so often (2 or 3 times a year for me). I always end up releasing some deep blocks and deepening my connection with the Divine when I detox. All major religions advise a regular fast for healthy people and I am sure that is why.

(Disclaimer: Of course I am NOT medically trained, what I write here is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or cure and I am only sharing my experience as an individual. Please consult your doctor or health advisor if you feel you need to.)

Love you and let me know how you go!

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