Spontaneous Attunements

by Sophie on June 21, 2009

Because of  Planetary Awakening, when

you are ready for the change of healing,
+ you are willing to do the work that needs to be done now,
+ you have enough support in place in your life to allow you to do this safely,

= you will receive spontaneous attunements. I currently receive one every couple of days.

If you are working with a Master, a teacher or a healer who is open and growing fast at the moment, you also receive an energy upgrade every time they do and you all float to the top together, at the same time, supporting each other in the process.

What does it feel like? Anything from light-headedness to tingling, to feeling energy course through your body, to orgasm, to completely leaving your body and merging into the light is possible and have happened to me as well as many of my students.

How do you feel afterwards? “Different” is the best way to describe it. Remember: there are no rules, no prescribed way of becoming: you are just becoming more of who you are, which is pure Divine Love in creation and in motion. So whatever you feel and are is right. The power of intention is paramount. Hold a clear, pure, loving intention with a strong sense of responsibility and accountability then let go, let God and enjoy the BLISS!

Create, create, create and en-JOY!

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