Split The World Open And Find Your Superpowers

by Sophie on November 22, 2014

“What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.” ~ Muriel Rukeyser.

Many of us fear that if we tell the truth about our lives, the world would split open. Maybe it’s a thought, maybe it’s a body memory of being shushed or physically oppressed. Maybe our truth was rejected when we were growing up. The world has traditionally encouraged women to be silent, to keep secrets, to avoid rocking the boat. Women have been told to keep it together, for themselves and for others. Splitting the world open is not what they have been expected to do. But I have news for you: the world is changing!

When the world splits open, something new can be revealed and grow. Women tell their truth in my class, Awaken the Healer Within,  all the time. And we meet twice a month for a year, so that’s a lot of truth telling! They listen to each other, witness each other, validate each other. They also hold each other’s world together energetically so that each woman’s world does NOT completely split open while she is telling her truth and changing. In class circle, the women support each other and give each other fertile, nutritious, ground to sink their roots into and grow into themselves.

My students know that telling their truth frees them of the pain they have been carrying, particularly when we clear all that stuff energetically as it comes up in class! They know that when they speak their deep truth, they create a new reality for themselves. I love you all brave women who risk splitting the world open. I love you when you are vulnerable and I love you when you find your superpowers!

PS: Men do that too! I told you the world was changing.

(This post is dedicated to the inspiring brave Phoenix, you know who you are.)

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