Spirituality in Action for Empaths

by Sophie on June 25, 2016

Will spiritual people and empaths PLEASE stop saying that everything is great and fine and will be OK and we are all just learning when things are obviously just plain shit? When things suck and are wrong and hurtful, just own up to it. Then go do something practical about it.

Owning up to it will allow your body to process shock, grief, emotions and sadness in real time rather than burry them and force them to reappear later when you don’t know what they are connected to any more. There may well be some individuals who are SO enlightened, that they never succomb to fear or sadness any more, but I have never met a person who did not feel sadness and I have met some seriously enlightened individuals. Your human alive body reacts to life with a cocktail of chemical reactions called hormones and while does creates too much drama and pain to let your hormones run the show, they are still real and need to be acknowledged and dealt with appropriately. So give yoursef time to FEEL, time to BE HONEST, time to RECOVER FROM SHOCK, time to GATHER REAL SUPPORT, time to GRIEVE, time to HEAL DEEPLY.

There is no shame in being sad or hurt or shocked or feeling humiliated if that is what you feel at that time. LET IT BE WHAT IT IS! You can work on yourself to heal that pain and to strengthen that part of you of course. I do it all the time. In fact, it’s the first thing I do when I am in pain, grief and shock. I work to heal it at the root cause. But you can only heal what you are aware of and acknowledge. Being spiritual does not mean you don’t have emotions. Being spiritual means you process your emotions to feed the love and not the fear.

When you feel better in yourself, go do something every day and practical, inspired by your deep spirituality, peace and Divine connection: that is SPIRITUALITY IN ACTION. It is responsible ‘sovereignty’, acting on your principles, and doing to others as you would have them do to you. It IS spriritual to feed the good wolf in every day, practical ways. And it is courageous. Sitting up on the mountain to meditate is very enjoyable and I remember clearly spending many lifetimes doing just that. But voting matters, laws matter, economic choices matter, being engaged matters. Meditation is the spiriual equivalent of refining something in a lab. Then what you discover in the lab has applications in the wider world. Same with your spiritual practice: if you don’t create with it in the world, your spiritual wisdom becomes redundant to the larger human experience.

“The world lowers my vibration” is a common complaint. I agree, the world lowers my vibration too. That’s why I spend so much time alone meditating or doing Reiki and why I choose who I keep company with so carefully. Then when my vibration is high, I go into the world and I do something useful and practical with it. You CAN keep your vibration ‘up’ and still see things for what they are. That’s why the Buddha’s eyes are half open and not all the way closed, by the way!

Please don’t hide behind your spirituality or use it as an excuse for inaction. Don’t allow your need for spiritual retreat to become a cowardly cover up for your fear of acting in the world. When we show up, we make mistakes, we get hurt, we even hurt others and all that is scary, I know! But showing up and owning our power is the courageous and honorable thing to do. Take the love, peace, connection and inspiration you create in your spiritual practice and go CREATE A BETTER EVERY DAY LIFE FOR ALL IN PRACTICAL WAYS.

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1 Donna Sherman June 25, 2016 at 8:34 am

Thank you for this Sophie.
Your words feel clear and true. We can’t just sit back and watch and expect a good or fair outcome. Life and living are verbs. Life is meant to be lived and action is our vehicle for living and navigating our exsistence here on Earth.
We do all have a responsibility to live well and thrive on this planet.
Living and life are forward moving. Inaction is not.


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