Spiritual Masters, Healing and Enlightenment

by Sophie on September 15, 2011

“The same Consciousness that created and that flows through those people you’d describe as “spiritual masters” or “spiritual gurus” created and flows through you. In so many ways, you are NO different at all. The only difference really is that you just haven’t recognised and embraced your magnificence.

You are no less worthy than anyone else. Never have been less worthy. Never can be less worthy. Embrace the Consciousness that you are… ” wrote my FaceBook friend and Reiki colleague the very loving and insightful Alun Illumine Jones

It was knowing inside of me that if Jesus could heal so could I and if the Buddha could find peace, so could I that kept me going on my healing and spiritual quest through whatever pain, obstacles and difficulties I had to clear to get to where I am now.

Anyone can be a spiritual master. All it means is that you intend to master your own spirituality and that you are on a conscious path of awareness and awakening. Wherever you are at is your current point of mastery.


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