September Equinox

by Sophie on September 21, 2013

Yin and YangI was busy and happy all week with this year’s Awaken the healer Within starting last Tuesday (you can still join us if you want) and my second year class Empower the Healer Within of 2012-13 finishing on Thursday.  I was flying around in bliss, minding my own business and looking after my people. So this morning’s crash back to Earth to synch in with the more earthly energy of the Equinox took me by surprise.

But the Equinox is an important energy portal and I want to harness its energy! In the Northern hemisphere, September is the time to bring in the harvest, to begin the new energy year and to stand in balance between light and darkness.

Bring the harvest in:

This is the time to store and preserve the harvest if you have a garden. Which means that it is also time to take stock of what worked and what did not work over the past year and to preserve information as wisdom that you can access later.

It’s also a good time to take stock of your finances, before the big winter expenses start.

Start the New Year:

  1. It is time to use your knowledge and wisdom to start planning next year. Time to slow down, retreat and start day dreaming about what you want to create next. For some of us, that also means time to sleep more hours if your schedule allows it. What do you want to plant next year? How do you want your business, career, family, spirituality and health to blossom?
  2. It is time to repair tools that were damaged during the working season and acquire new tools to do better next year. HOW will you support your business expansion, family growth, personal spiritual growth and health? That is why my spiritual mentoring classes start in September and lasts 12 months: : to support my students in this process.

Stand in balance between darkness and light:

Most of us favor the Light and ignore our own shadow as much as we can. So at the portal times of the Equinox and Solstice, the shadow often leaps out, seemingly out of nowhere, demanding that we give it some attention. When we acknowledge and examine the shadow, we can decide to work on some difficult issues, which will bring our energy back into balance. Think yin and yang balance.

The things we don’t do and should be doing are screaming at us. The things we should let go of and we are holding on to become really cumbersome and heavy. So this will take a different shape for each one of us and the issues we have to face will be personal to us. But we can all benefit if we:

  • Be  patient
  • stay physically hydrated, rested and balanced
  • ground often through the day
  • ask for support if needed

Emotional and energetic protection

I know I have to be more careful than usual to PROTECT my energy during a portal time. I remain open and vulnerable in order to make the most of the transition. So I owe it to myself to protect my energy from outside negative influences while I put my own house in order.

The food is not outside in the fields any more, it’s indoors. The warmth is not out there from the sun anymore, it’s going to come from our hearth, our heart and our relationships. So it’s worth putting our attention to protecting the inner space that will sustain us through winter.

Protect yourself energetically and emotionally during this Equinox.









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