Seeing the Light

by Sophie on November 5, 2010

As we awaken, we become more sensitive to energies and more aware of them. When we become attuned to the Light, our vibration changes and we start seeing the Light in various shapes.

1- Dots of Light appear to float around people to catch our attention. In my case it used to happen when someone was lying, either to me or to themselves or had some intention to harm.It never failed! But I know people for whom it had a different significance.

2- You see auras. Don’t worry is you don’t: very few people actually do see clear colors around other people. In my case it’s more of a light halo. Sometimes it has a pulse around a certain part of the body. But I tend to feel more than I see.

3- you see human shaped lights or orbs. I think those are often angels. Particularly if they come with an amazingly pleasant feeling of deep peace, love and SUPPORT. Then it’s probably an angel or an archangel.

4- You see currents of energy inside or around or between people or plants or animals. In other words: you see the energy of life, chi, ki, as light. That is also how you can see the energy of chakras.

Have fun! There is no right or wrong. You may never see any Light or energy and feel so keenly that it gives you just as much information. Go with the flow!

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