Second Chakra Roller Coaster

by Sophie on August 31, 2010

The month of August has been a roller coaster ride for relationships. For the energy techies among us, we are talking serious second chakra clearing and growth! It seems that everyone who is on a path of awareness and spiritual growth has been:

  • challenged in a very close (usually romantic) relationship
  • shown a deep weakness of their own as a result
  • moved on
  • shown how to surrender and trust that the Divine will provide
  • welcomed on the other side of some trauma, argument or break up into a place of harmony, togetherness and support
  • been given great clarity

The words I am writing  fail to reflect the depth, pain and subsequent sweetness of the process. For those of us who live to tell the tale, I think we are more in love than ever, with our Divine selves, with Loving Source and often with our mates.

It seemed to be a theme in Karen Hager‘s radio show “Out of the Fog”. You can listen to it here:

What has your experience been in August? Together we learn: let me know in the comments below!

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