Rise above Depression

by Sophie on August 13, 2010

“All adverse and depressing influences can be overcome, not by fighting, by rising above them” ~ Charles C Colton  and that is exactly why attunements work!

When you engage in a fight with something or someone, you put more attention on what you do NOT want and give more power to the dynamics that you are trying to avoid. When you are in a politely cold and disengaged relationship with someone, you disable your capacity to create life flow through love. When you are depressed, you also block the flow of your own life and get out of balance.

The fastest way I know to fix that is to go into a deeply meditative state, such as a theta brain wave and connect with what feels like flow, which is where you are at peace (and I believe at one with the Divine). In that deeply meditative state, a portal opens into the Loving Heart of God and what you put your attention on and give more power to is created.

The charge of loving creative energy that you receive in an attunement raises your vibration and automatically raises you over the depressive and adverse influences that you wish to overcome in your life.  So come on over and have a look at the attunements I offer and see if one fits the bill for what you want to achieve right now! It’s pure creative love: can’t beat that to get back into loving balance!

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