Returning from Past Lives

by Sophie on August 14, 2011

The thing I like best about past lives is coming out of them and realizing that I am still in the 21st century, safe and sound whatever I’ve just re-lived and remembered, either for me or for a client.

I was blessed, after the challenging week I mentioned in my last post to have the opportunity to work a lot, with clients, but also on myself daily. This afternoon a wonderful healer friend held space for me while I followed the fear in the pit of my stomach and landed 900 years ago in a nightmarish part of European history. The character I was at the time walked away alive with her family, which I did not expect at all, but of course not unscathed by the terror and carnage. She was a little nobody, nothing special about her, just a human being doing her best to be truthful, loving, honest, quite enlightened and connected to her God in the middle of turmoil. She followed her intuition and took good care of her family. I told you there was nothing special about her: she was like so many of us are now, doing her best.

The emotional and psychological trauma she incurred at the time was revisited several times in other lifetimes to try and understand and work through it and still affects me today, that’s why we put our attention on it this afternoon! I never “do past lives” or “read past lives” just for the sport of it. I only go there when there is no other explanation and when there is an obvious emotional charge with an ancient place or time period or when I have some knowledge that I can’t explain in any other way.

Today’s work was deep, surprising, new and I am so thankful I had a powerful, logical and educated guardian by my side (physically 150 miles away, we worked on the phone as I often do). This is what I provide for my clients and it is such a blessing to be able to receive it in return!

Not only do I feel healed and more whole but I feel like I am back from a long trip through history and I am LOVING my computer, my cell phone, FaceBook, my blog, my healer friends, my fun and comparatively easy 21st century experience!!

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