Respect = Love

by Sophie on July 17, 2013

I think today’s lessons are about respectful boundaries. So bear that in mind as people challenge you, betray you, try to invade your privacy or to expose you.  I know it’s part of becoming aware of the clarity that has been offered to us this year  but remember  that:

  • respect is the highest form of  love! Respect = Love.
  • you were created by and from Love therefore you deserve respect
  • you can only give a lot of love to others when you feel respected because when you feel violated, your vibration is lowered, the energy available to you is lessened and life stops being fun.

So  “strengthen your boundaries lovingly but quite purposefully and intentionally”, is my advice to myself today. If it fits, feel free to apply it to yourself! And if you want help and support in doing so, call me or email me for a session and we can do some energy work to lessen your burden!


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