Replay of Awaken the Healer Within Sample TeleClass

Welcome! You can listen to the recording  for the Awaken the Healer Within sample teleclass including:

  1. what it feels like to be a healer and how overwhelming it can be
  2. what happens when we discover our healing powers
  3. what happens when we ignore our healing abilities

I offered an attunement and we did energy work on removing fears around

  • being a healer
  • owning our power
  • finding the core of who we are.

by clicking on the link here:

Course starts Tuesday, September 18, 2012. Email me at here to register!

You can also listen to last year’s Grounding Meditation when we discussed:

  • grounding meditation for spiritual growth
  • grounding through nutrition
  • grounding children
  • Q & A from class participants


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