REMEMBER It’s the Solstice

by Sophie on December 16, 2015

Remember we are in the week leading up to the Solstice. Winter Solstice if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that your body wants to slow way down to synch in with the increased night time hours. Now is the time to sleep more, eat more, do less, dream more, plant the seeds for your future that will grow and blossom in the next 9 months.

Our Western society is so confused that we have turned a spiritual family gathering into consummer-fest. Even those of us who dont spend a lot for the holidays are still expected to travel or host, eat differently and think about gifts somewhat. Stores and roads are crowded, money is tight, expectations are high. All of this is stress inducing, just as your body only wants to slow way down and sleep so you can dream about your future. (More info about dreaming your future here.) How to make December easier on yourself?

  • Slow down as much as you can without alienating everyone else
  • Put yourself first at least once a day, whether that means juicing, eating cookies, switching the TV off or watching a movie. It’s YOUR life. If you have been taught to ignore yourself or to go till you drop, the festive season can easily become a trap. Learn to look after yourself starting NOW.
  • Avoid refind sugar as much as you can as they alter your endoctrine system chemistry, contribute to creating inflamation and can undermine your immune system
  • Meditate daily on what you REALLY want your life to look like (great time to make a vision board)
  • ACCEPT REALITY.  Accept your here and now. Let go of the people who hurt you, see the patterns in your life for what they are: the delightful, the good, the bad and the ugly. Remember; if something hurts, it’s not love. Figure it out and change it (Hint: you can only change you.)
  • Don’t be afraid to break with tradition. Create new traditions that work better/are healthier for you
  • If you are an empath, all the above applies to you even more urgently.

I hope you enjoy the days leading up to Dec 20-22. I know I always have way more energy from Dec 23 onwards.

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