Quantum Healing

by Sophie on February 16, 2011

Recently,  quantum physics has been describing a world very similar to the visions of the mystics of all times:

  • the infinitely small is the same as the infinitely large;
  • there is no beginning and no end to the universe;
  • there is a consciousness, an intelligence, that organizes matter at will;
  • light becomes matter and matter is really made up of nothingness at its core.

In spiritual language:

  • the world is born of the void,
  • matter is the void at its core
  • and when we merge with the void we become one with it and are suddenly part of everything at once.

The goal of Eastern practice was called “enlightenment” before quantum physics popped into our consciousness and …guess what? it turns out we are all made out of light that becomes particles of matter when they change frequency. So en-LIGHT-enment was a pretty accurate description to start with!

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