Purification of the Home and Hearth at Imbolc

by Sophie on February 2, 2014

For years I heard people talk about Imbolc and wondered what all the fuss was about. I was never affected by Imbolc until this year, when I have felt both ungrounded and disorganised as well as more able to go to higher planes and do really good energy work. I have also needed to sleep more just so I can dream and process what is happening in my unconscious. I have felt an urgent need to purify my home by throwing away anything that I do not use any more. And today I even had issues with my “hearth” (stove), which is what finally prompted me to look at Imbolc more closely.

1- Imbolc is a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of Spring on February 1 (yesterday, I know), half way between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Of course the first signs of Spring will show at different times in different places and that explains why I have felt that this energy is not tied to one day only but to a period of time around Feb 1. Traditionally the lighting of candles and fires celebrates the return of light and warmth brought by the longer days. Where there is fire, you know there is purification. I noticed increased clarity around old issues, in the clients I have known for a while, which again makes sense with the Light brought in by Imbolc.

2- Imbolc is also the day of Brigit, Goddess of the British Isles (more here: http://www.brighid.org.uk/), later christianised into the feast day of St Brighid. St Brighid is associated with perpetual, sacred flames, such as the one maintained by 19 nuns at her sanctuary in Kildare, Ireland, much like ancient priestesses did.  St Brigit protects the Hearth. All my clients this week also wanted to work on issues related to the hearth: either deciding to get out of a bad marriage; or doing their own inner work to strengthen their current relationship with a view towards marriage and having children (fertility); or to keep their family strong through change so their children can be safe. The family, children and home themes make sense now. There was definitely a purifying of the relationships around the hearth.

3-  Imbolg is derived from the old Irish “i mbolg”, meaning in the belly, and refers to the time when the ewes give birth to their lambs and give milk. So here we have a sign of fertility and Brigit protects livestock. Of course,in agricultural society, having healthy and abundant livestock is much more likely to secure you financially and therefore in your home, with a hearth! So I can see how fertility of livestock and hearth are linked. All of my clients this week were also clearing issues related to abundance and to making the kind of income that will allow them to support their children.

Now I know why I have spent the past week captivated by the series “Call the Midwife”, which is all about fertility, birth, home, healing and even nuns! As usual, I was in the energy of the moment without even knowing it.

On a personal level, maybe I am feeling Brighid’s energy strongly because I dedicated this year to understanding what home means to me and where home is. I notice that it’s been really easy to connect to higher realms and work with energy and healing. Maybe that’s where my real home is?

On a universal level, Brighid is reminding us to look after our hearth and home: planet earth. To bring Light into what we are doing here right now. To purify our home on earth to keep her fertile so that life here may carry on in spite of the over warming of the planet. I think THAT is the real reason why the energy of Imbolc is so strong this year. If you enjoy finding synchronicity and reading signs, you will love that a storm called … Brigid … created 60 foot waves on the coast of Ireland and created huge floods on Imbolc. (For real: http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/families-evacuated-as-storm-brigid-wreaks-havoc-around-country-29969830.html)

If you are feeling unsettled by this year’s Imbolc energy and if you want help to purify your blocks, to bless your home and family or to soar with your dreams of fertility and abundance, email me and book a session! I am right in the middle of it and happy to help!


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