Powerful Summer Solstice

by Sophie on July 1, 2014

Red Rose

This was a very powerful Summer Solstice! I spent it dreaming about fruition and future harvests. The class I teach and the group of students who work with me this year are the manifestation of what I dreamed of 6 years ago. I sat in a girl friend’s kitchen and made a collage (vision board) of mandalas, portals and wild spiritual women dancing together in a circle. And this is my life now! As one of my students said this week, “there is something super special about this group that I believe continues to sustain me as I go through my growing pains!” I feel that way too, specially since some of the group gathered in my home in May and now we can “picture the crystal grid with all the people of good will holding the world in a big web of light…but even better is knowing the people in this class and where they live and what their super powers are, so I can picture the support that I have to call on as needed”

Being aware of the completion of this cycle, it seemed logical to use this summer solstice clarifying my vision for the next step of my life. Starting at home of course, as usual, and working with world renowned healers once or twice a week to break through my own blocks. I need to re-member, i.e. put more of myself back together so that I can en-JOY my life more and have more to offer others. I need to love the places that were left out of  life for a while. Water the places that have not been tended to nor loved for a while. By “a while”, I mean a few years or this life time or several life times, depending on which aspect of this strand of consciousness that I know as “me” we are talking about.

I usually spend the days leading up to the Solstice in deep personal quiet meditation. But this year I knew ahead of time that I wanted to meditate on how I can reach more clients and students with honesty and an open heart. It turned out to be meditation in action as I was busy with several clients every day leading up to the Solstice. I even worked all day on June 21. That’s a first and I really enjoyed it!

I hope you had a wonderful mid-summer night’s dream about what you want to harvest this summer or in years to come!  If you want help breaking through your personal blocks, contact me and make an appointment! That’s what I’m here for and I would love to work with you!

With Love and Light,



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