Playing in the Same Sandbox

by Sophie on July 15, 2013

I am getting mighty tired of the “You attracted it, you manifested it in your life, you are 100% responsible for everything in your life because you manifested every aspect of it” chant. Just a minute. Let’s break it down and look beyond the obvious.

1- I know LOA exists whether we see it or not, much like the law of gravity.

2- I know we attract most of what is in our lives, because we vibrate at a certain frequency and the rest of the world harmonizes around us to create our lives. So when I want something, I think positive thoughts about it, I visualise it, take meaningful action to create it, I allow it into my vibration and into my life. Then I magically and miraculously meet people who want to play in the same sand box as me. They help me on the way and I too help them. In comes abundance, loving relationships etc. Great. I do it all the time and I love it.

Wait a minute! Where did the guy who yells at me in my own home over dinner come from? Where do the uninvited guests come from?

3-  We forget that most of what we manifest is in harmony with our UNCONSCIOUS. So until you are healed of your past abuse, PTSD, rape, bullying, gaslighting etc from this life, you are attracting scum and pain into your life because that is still the over riding unconscious frequency you are emitting. So yes, you are manifesting it. But it’s unconscious and I think the manifestation is there to give you CLUES about the original pain so you can go back, find it, heal it and be overall better off. So bless the messenger, protect yourself from the most recent abuser and do the healing work asap. But please, do NOT feel bad about yourself because you think you thought the ‘wrong’, negative thoughts and you manifested ‘badly’!

4- Sometimes the trauma does not even come from this life time but  from one or multiple past lives. You don’t have to take my word on that but how much sense does your present life make without that explanation? So yes, maybe you created this mess and abuse in past lives but you are not directly responsible for it from your current behavior, so let go of the guilt!

Look at who is playing with you in your sandbox as what you have right now, in front of you, is all you really have. If you don’t like what you see and your usual Law of Attraction manifestation isn’t working for you, then maybe you need some serious energy work to clear what is holding you back and I can help you with that. So email me or call me and book a session!


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