Planetary Awakening

by Sophie on May 2, 2009

The veil between our physical 3D reality and what is often referred to as ‘the other world’ has been thinning for over a century as part of our planetary awakening.

Around the 1900s we learned to converse with the deceased more easily and a substantial number of seekers became aware of the fact that the soul never dies. This was confirmed more recently by a substantial number of people reporting their ‘near death experiences’.

It does not matter if near death experiences establish whether the individual actually died and met God or only had a normal, physical reaction caused by oxygen deprivation or by a change in body chemistry. What I think is significant in a near death experience is:

  1. that the individual invariably comes back emotionally, psychologically and spiritually transformed. Calmer, more confident, more joyful, free of fear, wanting to have a life of service and full of love for others, aware of the common good, selfless.
  2. the similarity in the transformation regardless of the individual’s age, sex, educational or religious background.
  3. that it seems that people who were NOT religious prior to the near death experience come back describing an experience that many spiritual and religious individuals have in the course of their practice without having to come close to death. We call it prayer, meditation, spiritual ecstasy, enlightenment.

With the publicity given to NDEs, more and more people are coming forward and openly discussing what is to them a very real experience of communicating with their deceased loved ones or with angels and other benign or helpful entities.

For many healers and psychics it is a common occurrence to communicate with disembodied souls and with angels in the course of their work. The information is usually accurate, often helpful and always reassuring.

After WWI easier travel allowed westerners to come into contact with Eastern philosophies.

  • We learned from Eastern Masters and experienced their meditation and exercise techniques.
  • We learned how to be aware of the subtle energies in our body.
  • Acupuncture has now been scientifically proven.
  • As have the effects of meditation on brain function and heart health.

While observing the physical effects of such energy manipulation techniques on our physical body and on our emotions,Western science still treated the more metaphysical aspect of the meditative or spiritual experience as poetic nonsense, a mere flight of fancy. Caused this time, not by oxygen deprivation but by over-oxygenation. Yes, I am smiling!

Now quantum physics describes a world very similar to the visions of the mystics of all times:

  • the infinitely small is the same as the infinitely large;
  • there is no beginning and no end to the universe;
  • there is a consciousness, an intelligence, that organizes matter at will;
  • light becomes matter and matter is really made up of nothingness at its core.

In spiritual language:

  • the world is born of the void,
  • matter is the void at its core
  • and when we merge with the void we become one with it and are suddenly part of everything at once.

The goal of Eastern practice was called “enlightenment” before quantum physics popped into our consciousness and …guess what? it turns out we are all made out of light that becomes particles of matter when they change frequency. So en-LIGHT-enment was a pretty accurate description to start with!

Thousands of us now

  • meditate daily,
  • practice qi-gong, acupuncture and Reiki
  • or modify our brain frequency at will.

All these practitioners live in a world where subtle energies are experienced, seen and felt as strongly and accurately as the physical. It took years of dedicated, focused training and intense practice. Often we starved ourselves of food, social contact or sexual intimacy for extended periods of times to alter our perception, to make ourselves ‘lighter’ (there’s that light again!). That is because we were pioneers in remembering the Light, our true nature.

In the process

  1. we developed psychic and healing abilities, compassion and forgiveness.
  2. We learned to let go and to let God.
  3. We became generally nicer, less aggressive people.

But Boy! oh Boy! did we earn all this through dedication and hard work!

What we see now are adults being spontaneously activated and suddenly becoming aware of increased intuition or healing powers. Most of them did not particularly ask for this, they really are not sure what to do with it or how to use it. They have not been trained on how to focus this newly found energy or ability and it often makes a mess of their lives. Either because they try to repress it and become physically ill or because they try to use it without guidance or protocol and end up with TMI (Too Much Information).

For the past 20 years we have also had an increasing number of children being born with psychic and healing powers. They are natural healers . When they escape ADD medication and are supported at home, they work deeper, faster and more efficiently than any trained adult healer I know. We call them the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. When their generation is in charge, they will make the world a very different place!

So if you have been changing recently, finding it easier to meditate, to manifest, to be clairaudient or clairvoyant, to use your intuition, to communicate with Spirit or spirits, be assured that you are one of many. You are part of the planetary awakening that is taking place with the thinning of the veil.

What part are YOU playing in our planetary awakening? Let me know in a comment below.

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1 Sophie May 17, 2009 at 7:12 am

Nancy said…

Sophie, I just read your paragragh on Quantum Physics to Garrett and he said, “Wow that is what my view of the world is and I didn’t know anyone else had made the that connection.” I am hoping to book a session for him with you soon. I think he is opening to that. Keep the articles coming…


2 Donna Sherman February 16, 2011 at 8:17 pm

I was a kid when I first realized that I was sensing things that others around me did not. I grew up feeling that I couldn’t ever really show anyone who I really was. As I look back it felt like I was alone, treading in deep dark water all those years.
The day that I met you at the All About You event, I wasn’t expecting anything, just searching for something. The 15 minutes we spent together that night changed me so dramatically that I knew I wanted to learn anything that you would teach me.
I want to thank you Sophie for giving me the guidance I need to proceed and learn, and showing me how to use the information I recieve to continue in a positive direction. It is an amazing experience working with you!


3 Sophie February 16, 2011 at 10:01 pm

Thank you so much Donna! I love working with you. I love your open heart and your love for life!


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