Perspective of Joy

by Sophie on December 27, 2012

I was thinking today about how much my quality of life depends on my perspective and on how my perspective allows me to experience my reality. For example Christmas comes and goes every year and for the first time in my life I really enjoyed it this year. Same home, same people, same date, same celebration. But over the years, with the help of those who love me, my children in particular, and with the support of therapists and other healers, I have transformed a time of trauma and drama into a pleasant experience.

What works best for me is energy work. And every year for the past 14 years I have done a ton of energy work around Christmas because every year it brought up so many painful issues. Until a few years ago Christmas brought tears and sadness as I was struggling to smile and not spoil my kids joy. Now I am there with them, sharing in the joy and simplicity of the moment.

Same holiday, same date, same people, same house. But as I removed all the blocks that stopped me from feeling happiness at Christmas and as I re-programmed my self to feel differently, my perspective has completely changed into one of joy. It feels like a different time of year to me. Simpler. Like visiting a new place that I really like and did not know existed until a few days ago.

So my holiday message to you is: whatever bugs you, whatever drags you down, keep working on it, chip at it until it is gone and until you can let joy flow. Don’t accept a crappy past or a bad history ever. My experience is that we CAN heal abuse. Create a present that you enjoy, even if it takes time. And of course I can help you with that if you want to work on it in a session with me!

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1 Patricia Singleton December 31, 2012 at 1:59 pm

Happy 2013 to you, my friend. What you describe is moving from being a survivor to becoming a thriver. As a thriver, I create my own joy in the holidays as I let go of memories of the past that were painful. I choose to keep the good memories. I feel whatever emotions come up around the holidays and then I let go of them. I don’t stay stuck in the past. I don’t deny my feelings whatever they are. I feel them and then find the blessing from the lessons that come with the pain. When I find the lesson, I grow. I create good out of the bad of my childhood. I share and talk about what I am feeling and learning rather than holding it in and letting it eat me alive. With awareness, healing comes. Namaste, my friend. Happy New Year.


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