Owning my Power

by Sophie on January 14, 2012

Of course, as soon as I am honest with myself and release what was hurting me or not working, I move on, things improve in all areas of my life and the people who can teach me the next lesson suddenly appear, seemingly out of nowhere. How do they know to contact me JUST then, just when I am ready, the very day after a big release? It happens to me again and again and I can only explain it by saying that my vibration must have changed and they must have felt it on some unconscious vibrational level that we can’t yet measure scientifically.

So having released some people and a lot of hurt, blame and self condemnation last week, I was very joyous and free this week, which allowed me to learn a few deep lessons with ease. The main one was to STOP HIDING. Until now, I really didn’t know how much I was hiding in so many different aspects of my life. A very good friend called me out on it (thank you my loving mirror) and I decided to:

  • SHINE BRIGHT and be as big as I really am. No apologies, no fitting in someone else’ s idea of me, and most importantly no lying to myself about how powerful I really am. It is really about taking spiritual responsibility.
  • OWN MY POWER. Wow. What a game changer!

Sounds like it could be threatening, right? But I found the opposite to be true: the more I stopped hiding, owned my power and shone bright,  the more I was able to surrender to the Divine and to be sweet to others. Life is much easier that way!


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1 Patricia - Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker January 15, 2012 at 1:08 pm

Owning my own power is something that I feel like it has taken me years to do. As a victim of incest, I felt like only my abusers had any power. When I tried to be powerful and not afraid, the abusers quickly made sure that I was put back in my place.

As a survivor, I had to work hard to discover who I was. As a child, I forgot all of that in order to stay sane and to stay alive. I did a lot of trial and error starting with recognizing the things I didn’t like and didn’t want in my life. Then there was room to see the positives in my life and in who I was. That started with learning to love myself and forgiving myself for my reactions to the abuse or to the triggers in life.

As a thriver, I am coming into my own power and glorying in it. I am a person of great value. We all are. I am not a victim and I am more than a survivor. Owning my own power means I can be me, whoever that is. Owning my own power means, as you said, shining my light for everyone to see, loving myself in all of my perfection and imperfections. Owning my own power means loving all of my inner children, protecting and nurturing them but not allowing them to control my adult life. Owning my power means saying “I am sorry.” and changing any behaviors that are inappropriate or dysfunctional.


2 Sophie January 17, 2012 at 12:54 am

Thank you Patricia! So well said. You truth echoes far.


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