Ocean of Love

by Sophie on December 15, 2011

Today was such a lovely dreamy day around here, I wonder if it was the same everywhere?

I went to 5 different businesses over the course of the day and both the women who worked there and their clients were laughing about being spacey and making small mistakes with everything. There was no frustration. It was all good humored, relaxed and joyful.The energy was definitely positive and flowing.

Then I made a mistake of my own and convinced a friend to drive to a meeting. We chatted all the way there and she raised deep questions.  The meeting is really scheduled for next month but in that space was the beautiful Tibetan Buddhist teacher Anam Thubten Rinpoche (pictured above), sharing his love and wisdom. We realised we had been magnetized to the building on the ‘wrong’ (right!) day so we could join his group. Another ‘mistake’ that created much positive energy flow!

In his talk Anam Thubten answered all the questions my friend had raised during our chat in the car! Sitting in his presence, our hearts expanded and felt like we were going to burst with joy as we attuned to the Ocean of Love he was sharing with us.  I felt we were surrendering further to the depth of the Divine Mother’s watery womb.  Pure blessing.

Tibetans Buddhists raised me spiritually in my 20s and gave me the foundation of my daily spiritual practice. So tonight’s encounter was very much like a going home to my real family for the Holidays. I cannot describe in words my delight at the enlightened perfection of the moment.

I hope you all had a wonderful, expansive, joyful Thursday in the  Universal Ocean of Love. Universal Love is the general theme and the potential for any Thursday, but today was truly exceptional

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