Now is a Time Open for Big Transitions

by Sophie on January 17, 2012

I think that we are leaping again. Can you feel the excitement in the air? We’ve done it so many times that we know what we are doing by now. The energy available at the moment is giving us the opportunity to transform easily, fast and to go FAR. I am hearing of relationships changing suddenly as many try to stay centered and true to their core self and of wonderful realizations and heart openings. Lots of energy available and we can flow with it.

I myself spent most of Sunday and Monday on the phone with a wonderfully gifted healer I trust with my soul. He was working on me. Sometimes I was supporting him in his healing work for me and sometimes the healing turned out to be for both of us. I am sharing this because when I mentioned it on FaceBook, people reacted, so let me be very clear: the only way powerful working healers can remain powerful clear channels of healing for others is to keep on clearing their own “stuff”. Good healers work on themselves and on each other all the time. We have a healing PRACTICE, which means that we practice on ourselves that we recommend others receive from us.

What “stuff”? Old trauma, coping mechanisms and negative habits from this life time that don’t serve us anymore. Vows, promises, curses given and received, guilt, shame or blame from past lives. You would be surprised how much someone’s life can improve when all that’s done on a regular basis.

There is also a lot of pro active, positive work: revisiting soul contracts and freeing ourselves from them or rewriting them in a manner that makes sense for today’s stage of creation. Soul retrieval. Remembering the beauty and glory of our core, of our soul and of our connection with the Divine. Then trusting and surrendering to receive Divine Light and Love and letting it transform us into what we are best suited to be now.

We all  need to keep our energy current and up to date in these times of fast changes. And healers in particular need to do so. I think healing is very much like electronics. Some of it is playful and gimmeky, much of it is useful and opens us to amazing new possibilities. But either way, we need to keep updating your operating systems and every so often, we even need to rebuild the hardware to increase its capability. This past week end was definitely a hardware upgrade, with all new fancy software that does more than I can yet imagine I am sure.

What are you experiencing in this fast flow of energetic change, awakening and ascension?


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1 Dan Hays January 18, 2012 at 10:18 am

Yes, Sophie, I can feel it happening! I have been releasing old energy and relationships at an astonishing pace. I haven’t been possessed with remorse or sadness at letting the energy of old relationships dissipate. Instead, I’ve been aware that I’m opening room for new relationships. The direction for me has been “letting go of the people in my life who were resurrecting the old abuse energy.” Mostly it was people who said “I support you” but the real actions indicated they didn’t support me.

I feel lighter and much, much more empowered. But all of this shifting has certainly accelerated in the past week! Thanks Sophie, for once again validating my healing journey!



2 Sophie January 18, 2012 at 7:19 pm

“The direction for me has been “letting go of the people in my life who were resurrecting the old abuse energy.” Mostly it was people who said “I support you” but the real actions indicated they didn’t support me. ”
That is so well said and so accurate Dan. That’s been my criteria as well.And actions speak way louder than words or promises when it comes to support. I cannot afford to be undermined.


3 Heidi Angueira January 19, 2012 at 6:55 pm

Great post Sophie. It’s so wonderful to connect with others who give voice to the work of transforming the planet one soul at a time. I have been doing a lot of work too, and noticed a recent surge in energy, too, and sometimes feel like I have 220 volts running through a 110 circuit.


4 Sophie January 19, 2012 at 8:22 pm

Thanks Heidi! Yes and 220 volts doesn’t go very well through a 110 circuit, that’s why we need to upgrade the hardware every so often,change deep pattern ,strengthen the structure.


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