Now is a Great Time to Heal from Physical Abuse

by Sophie on December 9, 2011

For the past 2 weeks, we have been riding a wave of universal healing energy that makes it particularly easy to heal from sexual trauma, violence and physical abuse. 

I don’t know why it is so. I am just reporting from the front and noticing that those issues have been coming up to be healed easily for a lot of people around me, for many of my clients and for me as well (read “Healing Angel Day”). And I have witnessed and facilitated some extraordinary and unexpected breakthroughs in the past few weeks.

I want to spread the healing balance I am feeling right now. So if you think that your life long self esteem issues, physical and emotional pain or difficult relationships may be linked to childhood physical abuse and you want to do some energy work on it, book your session here  then call me or  EMAIL to make your appointment. It is so worth it when you are on the other side of that kind of memory and you are free of it at last!

The way I work does not re-traumatise you in the way some healing modalities do. Sophie Lhoste Healing is as gentle as it is effective. I know you are a survivor already and you don’t see yourself as a victim any more but you can take it to the next level: peace and joy. It feels great to find clarity and peace at last with issues that have bothered us for years and to raise our vibration permanently. Try it…

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