Non Medical Healers

by Sophie on April 15, 2011

In Ordinary Miracles I was speaking about how the healers I know are helping transform lives for the better and it occurred to me to mention that none of them touch, manipulate, diagnose or treat their clients. They are not doctors or nurses. Most of them have little or no medical knowledge.

Their work is much closer to that of a Pastor or a Minister. Their healing is close to prayer and blessing and clients get better because of the focused loving intention of the healer much more than because of any specific healing technique.

The other thing the healers I know and respect offer their clients is presence. Wholehearted, non judgemental, loving presence. No matter what the clients have been through, no matter how they feel now: loving presence. And time. The healers who heal really deeply offer you time to go through your process however long that takes. I know that healing, particularly Quantum Healing, can be instantaneous and knows no boundaries, particularly not that of time. But healing creates change. That change has a domino effect in the energy system and in the body and for that reason, takes some time to be understood and to integrate.

Presence and time is a rare combination. But a very healing one!

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1 Karen Hager April 16, 2011 at 9:42 am

Sophie, this is a great post. You help me remember the power of that focused, loving intention as something that opens the door to greater insight, to profound change, and to healing! I think a lot of us are “trained” by the time we reach adulthood that it is selfish to spend time and energy on ourselves (not to mention allowing a healer to focus on us!). But focusing our loving intentions on ourselves isn’t selfish … and I believe that’s how we widen our perspective to let us be of service to others, too.


2 Sophie April 17, 2011 at 1:11 pm

I agree Karen! Thank you for such a sensitive and thoughtful comment. Love you!


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