Miracles Need a Little Help

by Sophie on July 12, 2015

“Hold on, your miracle is on its way!” was the poster I saw first thing in the morning for years. I deeply believed it and it put hope in my heart daily through a divorce and a few years of homeschooling as a single mother. Unemployed, away from family and with very few friends, I had no social life. I remember telling a friend: “I am so overwhelmed, this miracle would need to come and knock on my door for me to notice it.” That’s exactly what happened: my miracle arrived and knocked on my door, literally, on a very rare day when my kids were with their dad and I had time to notice. I am sharing this to tell you that I DO believe in manifesting my life and I DO believe in miracles. I have had many come to me, small and large.

I also think that miracles can only happen through the avenues we provide them. And the more avenues you create, the sooner they will manifest. Start with common sense basics: get a job, meet people, reasearch the area you want to change in your life, join that church or home schooling group, go to that lunch/dinner with someone new, get on a call with someone new, send that email, ask a friend to search the internet for you. I could tell you a story of unexpected, ‘miracle’ results for each one of the above. But you can only get that miraculous discount on the trip of a lifetime if you know where you want to go and have saved most of the fare.

Do you remember this story? A person who died in the flood following a hurricane complains to God on arriving in heaven: “I believed in you, I trusted you, I prayed to you. Why did you ignore my prayers? Why did I die and leave my family without support? You betrayed me!” To which God answers: “Did you not see the warning to evacuate I broadcast on TV? Did you not hear the police I sent to your door to askĀ  you to leave? Why did you not wave to the helicopter looking for you?”

Whether you believe that you manifest your miracles or that the Divine sends you miracles, you still need to let them in. Your miracles need a little help. Please use your common sense to help manifest them! What is the first step you need to take for your next miracle to manifest? Close your eyes right now, ground yourself, connect to Source, protect your energy and ask to be shown clearly what that first step will be.

Enjoy your next miracle! And share your miracle stories below. I love them!


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