Mind Chatter

by Sophie on May 20, 2010

Another change brought by the recent energy upgrade is that I am now keenly aware of my mind chatter. I have been training myself for years so I am really good at consciously thinking positive. And after 20 years of Buddhist meditation training, I thought I could control my mind and at least be aware of negative thoughts. But last week my subconscious thoughts sounded like a constant stream of complaints, criticisms and self defeating stories!

I was AMAZED at how many times a day I caught myself going off track and back into some kind of familiar but uncomfortable negative, complaining or critical stream of comments, to myself. Not the kind of things I would ever say or that I ever knew I was thinking until a few days ago.

So I kept doing the energy work to eliminate, transmute and replace all that old garbage. I felt lighter and more able to think clearly by the hour! Alleluia!

I am so grateful I spent the past 12 years consciously training to be an energy healer and learning to facilitate the attunement of the soul to increasingly high levels of consciousness! It is coming in very handy this year!

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