Empower the Healer Within (aka Year 2 of Sophie Lhoste School of Healing)

Empower the Healer Within 2018 Teleclass

for Nurturing Women

to Deepen Their Healing Skills

 This class is by invitation only. The pre-requisite is to have attended Awaken the Healer Within

We did so much in the first year, what do we learn in this second year? Empower The Healer Within (ETHW) teaches you

  1. to go to a higher level of self awareness
  2. to use increasingly powerful energy healing techniques to support your health on all levels. I include advanced attunements.
  3. to learn to use healing on other effectively and safely.

This is an inter-active, practical class and you are encouraged to bring real life issues to be worked on in class. Each class will last an hour.                                                      Blessing Rose

Curriculum for the 24 classes:

  •  Chakra 1. Auset (Divine Mother energy) Attunement
  •  Attunement to the Crystal Grid. Super grounding.
  •  Attunement: Healing the Mother Wound
  • Chakra 2. Healing family karma.
  • Protection.  Attunement to Heruti (the protective warrior)
  • Chakra 3. Clearing vows, oaths and old promises.
  • Sebek attunement (Seeing through illusions)
  • Talking to the body and giving the body a voice.
  •  More third chakra and body work.
  • Working with angels and archangels. Angels Vs guides. Past life work.
  • Protection – Violet Flame attunement
  • Allergies. Clearing curses.
  • Soul retrieval. Chakra 4. Think from the Heart Attunement
  • Clearing the matrilineal line. Embodying the divine Feminine
  • The endocrine system. Easter.
  • Chakra 5 – Speak from the Heart and Throat Attunement
  • Chakra 6: Intuition Attunement. Increase clarity and vision.
  • Chakra 7.  Summer Solstice.
  • Review procedure for a session. Attunement to the Pink and Blue Strands
  • Offering your services. Embodying the Divine Feminine. Connect, channel, embody.  – What is your relationship to the Divine Masculine? Het Heru Attunement
  • The witness. The mirror. The Buddha mind.  Maat Attunement
  • Energy work to shape our future. Soul contracts. Life paths.
  • Setting an intention in the Heart of God- Connecting more deeply with your healing gift. (We’ll have a class on this but it’s an ongoing project).
  • The importance of ritual for our spiritual growth. The ethics of being a healer. Intentions for the future

We will also follow the seasons and the solstices and give you a chance to do healing work and receive support around painful anniversaries.

On Going themes:

  • The power of intention
  • Self care
  • Energy protection
  • Staying energetically protected at all times
  • Owning my power as a woman
  • Owning my power as a healer
  • Creating supportive community
  • Asking good questions with muscle testing to find the root cause of issues

Your commitment:

  • to attend every class (unless you have a real emergency).
  • to show up at each class with a clear intention to do energy work on the call
  • to practice the tools between classes
  • to use the five individual sessions before December 15, 2018
  • to pay the tuition in full, either in one payment or with a payment plan

The course fee gives you access to:

  • 24 teleclasses : 2 classes a month from January 2018 to December 2018, on the first and third Sunday at 4pm EST
  • replay of each class while you are registered in the class
  • 5 individual sessions (to be used before Dec 15, 2016)
  • unlimited email access
  • short phone conversations in between classes and sessions
  • Access to my Awaken the Healer Within FaceBook page.

The tuition fee for Empower the Healer Within Generation 4 is US$2490.

Or you can choose US$249 per month for 12 months if you prefer a payment plan, from January 2018 until August 2018.

I will send you an invoice after you register. (Please note that you save $498 when you payin full at the beginning of class.)

Disclaimer: Nothing I teach in this class is intended to diagnose, prescribe or cure in the medical sense of the terms. You are responsible for your own health and healthcare and you are advised to keep working with your physicians, naturopaths and health professionals for optimum health.

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