“You say you offer attunements. So what is an attunement?”

Great question! Thank you for asking! Everything is energy. Energy does not disappear, it only changes. Energy goes to the core of the matter and can change the core of the issue. That is how, when you know how,  you can use energy to HEAL, to change your patterns and  to re-write your story to create the life that you want. Heal your past and change your future.

An attunement is a powerful charge of energy transmitted to you from Source by a Master Healer. The energy from Source raises your vibration and dissipates negative patterns. Your life force is strengthened as a result of an attunement.

The 6 healing attunements in “Awaken the Healer Within” class:

  1. Grounding & Crystal Grid attunement : being grounded and in the body
  2. Intuition Attunement: Increase your intuition. Pituitary and pineal glands attunement.
  3. Violet Flame and psychic protection attunement : transmute negativity & harmonize relationships
  4. Think from the Heart attunement: Feel held and heard, heal heartache, learn to trust deeply
  5. Speak From The Heart attunement: Harmony with Truth, lovingly state your truth
  6. Pink & Blue strands attunement: Out of Fear,  emotional healing, self-confidence

The 6 healing attunements in “Empower the Healer in You” class:

  1. Divine Feminine/Auset attunement: for mothering
  2. Divine Masculine/Herukhti attunement: for protection and male strength
  3. Web of life/Sekhert attunement: for fruitful connections
  4. Universal Love/Maat attunement: for freedom from karma and for Oneness
  5. Flow of life/HetHeru attunement: for love and abundance
  6. Tree of Life/Sekhert attunement: for sound structure and better organization in every aspect of your life.


The healing attunements I offer advanced students:

  1. Into The Heart of God: Whirl into the Heart of God & dwell there. Angel communication.
  2. The light Within/Heru: The God within awakes. You are Creator.


You cannot book attunements separately. They are only available through my classes.

You can read more about attunements: Why Receive an attunementAttunements are Gradual,   Rise Above Depression

Do you have more questions? Read my blog or contact me and ask!

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