Meditation and Subtle Energies

by Sophie on February 7, 2011

After WWI easier travel allowed westerners to come into contact with Eastern philosophies.

  • We learned from Eastern Masters and experienced their meditation and exercise techniques.
  • We learned how to be aware of the subtle energies in our body.
  • Acupuncture has now been scientifically proven.
  • As have the effects of meditation on brain function and heart health.

The physical effects of such energy manipulation techniques on our physical body and on our emotions have been observed scientifically.

Thousands of us now

  • meditate daily,
  • practice qi-gong, acupuncture and Reiki
  • or modify our brain frequency at will.

All these practitioners live in a world where subtle energies are experienced, seen and felt as strongly and accurately as the physical.

In the process

  1. we developed psychic and healing abilities, compassion and forgiveness.
  2. We learned to let go and to let God.
  3. We became generally nicer, less aggressive people.

I still think that meditation is the basis of enlightenment because it strengthens our physical body at the same time as it develops our awareness. And awareness IS the key to enlightenment!

What is your experience with meditation?

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