Many Having Vivid Dreams Recently

by Sophie on July 28, 2012

I keep hearing about healers, light workers, psychics and spiritual friends who have been having very vivid dreams recently. Weird, striking or haunting dreams. It seems to be the case even for people who don’t usually remember their dreams or pay attention to them. I am not sure what it is all about as I am personally feeling very peaceful and deeply joyful.

I just wanted to mention it in cases you are experiencing vivid dreams also so you know it’s not personal. It seems as if something much bigger than us is happening or about to happen.

It seems to be coupled with

  • increased psychic awareness
  • better intuition
  • ability to access what Abraham calls the Vortex (deep joy and the ability to a\create/manifest easily. Being in alignment with Source)

Of course as always with increased spiritual abilities, comes the opportunity to let go of old issues so that we can leap into what the dreams are showing us. Enjoy!

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