Making a Spiritually Responsible Decision

by Sophie on December 1, 2010

There is no way to know where it is all going to go. There is no way to know if we are making the right choice. All we have is:

  • thinking about the situation to the best of our ability with all the information we have
  • staying aligned with Source for inspiration
  • checking in with our intuition to make sure it ‘feels right’, deep down, as we make the decision
  • thinking about it with our heart, with courage, tenderness and compassion
  • asking for support when we need it
  • considering everyone’s needs, including our own
  • accepting the consequences of our choice
  • choosing to be happy with our choice, every day
  • accepting that the Divine knows better and might nudge us in a different direction

How do you make your decisions?

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1 Michelle December 2, 2010 at 6:10 pm

Thanks for this list Sophie…I’m a triple split definition(Human Design Analysis), meaning that when I am faced with choices and decisions, I MUST check in with my head, my heart, and my gut–I’m like three different people. It’s made things a little difficult but knowing this is key…I appreciate the list, and will print it up and keep it as a reference when big decisions come my way! Many blessings…M


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