Love is an Action Verb

by Sophie on October 9, 2014

Love is an action verb. Not my most original thought, I know. Except that now, maybe as a result of this recent Kali energy phase, or the  hours of energy work in the past few weeks,  it’s not just a thought any more. It’s a feeling, a gut reaction and a deep understanding.

Don’t tell me you love me, act like you do: respect me, nourish me, support me, protect me, be trustworthy and loyal. Don’t tell me that you want to take a sports class: just get ready on time and show up. Don’t tell me that you love my kids: be there. Don’t tell me that you are spiritual:  sit down, meditate, keep your energy clean and keep yourself aligned to Divine Source.

My spiritual truth this week is that I am over all the BS, the excuses, the silence, the avoidance, the “I love you anyway.” Whatever or whoever it is that you say you love or matters to you, just ACT like it. Then we can talk about it.


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1 Donna Sherman October 11, 2014 at 11:55 am

Nicely said.


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