Longing for the Light

by Sophie on April 27, 2012

After I met my soul pod, I knew that my spiritual body was at least as real as my physical body and that being consciously in touch with my spiritual body had the power to heal my physical and emotional bodies.

Next I remembered and relived leaving my body as an infant, floating all the way up passed everything we know, until I reached a place of complete peace. There I asked to be allowed back into the Light with an intense longing that was bordering on desperation. The desperation came from the fact that I had assessed my earthly conditions by then and was desperately trying to get away from the abuse that had already happened and out of the years of abuse that were to come. and being sternly sent back to earth to do what I had been born to do. That is when the longing and the pain of not belonging had started. With that awareness, I decided to find a way to reconnect with the sweetness of the Light that was echoed in the soul pod while still in a human body.  I wanted to stay here to raise my kids and I wanted to know the Divine Light before the death of my physical body.

Making that decision set me on the path to knowing the Divine in this life time.

And in spite of many wonderful, loving, light filled experiences, it still took me 12 years to let go of my anger at having been refused a safe haven in the Light and to accept that I had indeed chosen to be here. Of course when I let go of that anger my life was transformed for the better.

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1 Sammy May 1, 2012 at 12:59 am

Lets get some of these writings out to others venues.


2 Sophie May 4, 2012 at 6:12 pm

Yes Sammy, thank you for offering!That will be wonderful.


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