Keeping Balanced

by Sophie on September 14, 2010

I was asked twice in the last few days if I ever get out of balance or if I have been doing energy work long enough now that it’s second nature and I am all set.

I do still get out of balance. My inner turmoil can create extremes at times. But I have so many energy tools at my disposition by now that I can regain my balance fast and often (but not always) easily. When I can’t do that I have several amazingly friends who are also very skilled and loving healers so I ask them for help in finding the core of the issue and/or re-balancing me.

The core of my practice when my outside world is in turmoil is to

  • go within
  • find my center
  • surrender the issue to the Divine
  • listen to my intuition for guidance

That usually does it and centers me right away. If that’s not enough,

  • I follow the thread of unease to the core of the issue
  • use the appropriate energy healing process to clear the block, remove the pain, dissipate the negative emotional charge from a memory or past life.

Then life force, which is essentially loving, flows again for me to desire and create from. With gratitude, compassion and … more surrender!

Of course you have read all this a hundred times and heard it from many spiritual teachers. So do you know what the key is? What makes the difference?

PRACTICE. Several times a day, for issues large and small, in all aspects of your life, until you are attuned to a finer, more joyful vibration.


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